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Welcome to Ark Essentials Publishing. Ark Essentials was originally established in 1991, before Y2K and the multitude of terrorist and natural disasters that have followed. Our focus is on living well within your means, developing valuable skills to enhance your lifestyle, and encouraging all to prepare for whatever challenges will be coming in the future. Let us know how we can be of service to you in your pursuit of provident living and/or preparedness. Thanks for visiting our site.

Confessions of a Butcher   My Quiet Dolls

By John Smith

Confessions of a Butcher provides you the consumer with detailed information on all the basic cuts of beef and pork with entries on lamb, veal and poultry.

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by Vickie Smith

My Quiet Dolls are simple felt cut out dolls that require NO SEWING. If you can trace and cut you can make these dolls!

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Herbal recipes for Farm Animals

Candlemaking 101

by Diana Manseau

Herbal remedies for animals - healing your animals in a natural way


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by Lark Moon

candle making for fun and profit


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21st Century Homesteader

by Kim Inks

Joys and trials of a single mother living the country life


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